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Controls / Software

With a dedicated software and controls team, The Horsley Company has long been recognized as a leader in the implementation of energy efficient, user-friendly hardware and software solutions. The Horsley Company uses in-house developed software for simulating designs. Our control system design and programming have long been recognized as some of the best and most innovative in the industry.

Once the designs are approved we then employ emulation software to develop and rigorously test the system’s controls before going to site. Our testing and commissioning procedures have earned accolades from the TSA and from top baggage handling system design consultants.

From check-in to baggage claim to Explosive Detection System (EDS) integration and software controls implementation, the Horsley Company can provide solutions for your baggage handling system requirements.

Customer system simulation enables our customers to view their proposed baggage system and make informed decisions on the layout and bag processing methodology. This procedure significantly reduces project risks by allowing testing of the controls and software before implementing the system on-site. Our software controls are designed to operate our baggage handling systems with the minimum energy consumption possible. Through the use of advanced software tools and proactive systems monitoring, we deliver systems that not only exceed the needs of today, but are scalable to handle growth and demands for tomorrow’s challenges.